Former NASA scientist and current you-tuber, Mark Rober, teaches viewers a little something more than just glitter bombs.

Former NASA scientist and current you-tuber, Mark Rober, teaches viewers a little something more than just glitter bombs.

December 18, 2018 Off By Mehak Sharma

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and current popular science Youtuber, has recently lost some packages to thieves. After recording their sneaky pickup on his front porch, he brought the footage to the police. To his disappointment, the police claimed that pursuing the investigation was not worth their time.

Rober claimed that the whole situation made him feel, “powerless.”

However, after realizing that he has not only engineered a dart board that moves to get a bull’s eye every time but has designed hardware that’s currently roaming around on a different planet, he knew he had to take matters into his own hands. That’s when he began to design his glitter bomb which would take six months to design and engineer before he could put it to the test against thieves.

According to a BBC article, titled, “YouTuber’s glitter bomb tricks parcel thieves,” by Zoe Kleinman, when the package would open, the bomb would activate and the phone cameras and microphones stashed inside would start recording. With an accelerator inside, the device would detect motion; once jolted, the parcel would check the GPS signal to see if it had moved from its original spot and then send another signal to the phones to start recording. Once the box opened, glitter placed in a motorized cup would spin around and release a HUGE whirlwind of sparkles EVERYWHERE. To top it all off, the device was also programmed to spray strong fart spray every thirty seconds to ensure that the thieves got the message.

After the finishing touches, Rober put the package, addressed to his childhood hero, “Kevin McCallister” on his porch. Thieves repeatedly took the bait and were thoroughly surprised every time;  the best part was that Rober had all of the reactions on camera!

After a few tests, thieves don’t even dare to approach Rober’s house.

I personally commend Mark Rober for his attitude and approach to this issue. For example, his justification as to why he employed a glitter bomb was, “I just wanted to celebrate their choice of profession with a cloud of glitter because, I mean, who doesn’t love glitter?” This reveals his positivity, proactivity, glass-is-half full mentality.

According to a Huffington Post article titled, “Porch pirates stole a package from an engineer — so he created a trap using glitter and fart spray,” by Amy B Wang, nearly 26 million Americans lose a Holiday package to thieves. Despite being marginalized and thus discouraged by the local authorities, Rober used what he had– his knack of engineering — to address this ongoing community situation. He could have easily complained to no end and passively accept the inevitability of thieves. However, not only did he take charge and act, but he did so in a very creative way with a smile on his face.

To me, that says something.

Too many of us, including myself, just accept defeat when an issue, small or large, arises. But we often forget how powerful our various trades and problem-solving skills truly are. I encourage you, like Rober, to start and/or continue to take matters into your own hands. Dissatisfied with your work-life balance? Create a schedule that you will adhere to. Unsettled by friends and/or family? Sit down and talk it out. Unhappy with your health? Talk to your doctor, find a gym buddy, limit the late-night snack splurges.

The bottomline: quit the moping and start coping.