Keke, do you love me?

Keke, do you love me?

July 26, 2018 1 By Mehak Sharma

She clearly doesn’t.

On a recent post on titled Spanish police urge people to stop doing the ‘In My Feelings’ viral challenge in MOVING cars, as clips show the stunt going painfully wrong, police all across the globe are concerned that the trendy dance, the Kiki Challenge, inspired by Drake’s song, “In My Feelings” has gone too far.

Internet Comedian, Shiggy, pioneered the dance by grooving to the catchy beat on what seems to be on the side of a road with cars zooming by. Labeling the post, #DoTheShiggy, fans have interpreted the dance in a variety of ways, notably NFL player Odell Beckham Jr., who exited his stationary car to do the dance. Since Beckham’s debut with the song on July 4th, fans have been leaping out of moving cars to perform this dance.

The craze has exploded to a point where individuals attempting the challenge are falling out of moving cars and crashing into lamp-posts. In a specific video, an individual stands up on his moving motorcycle and dances to the song. Spanish police have warned citizens that the public — dancers, pedestrians, and those filming the challenge in the car — are all at risk. Boadilla police have emphasized that the dance is only “cool” when the car is not moving.

Spain is not the only country in which concern for the song has proliferated. In the UAE, police officers have stated that they will take down anyone who will take part in the dance challenge. The challenge was also banned in Egypt after a traffic official stated that the dance defied traffic laws.

To me, while I believe that the dance challenge is a very interesting way that allows individuals in different corners of the world to connect, celebrity inactivity in response to the safety issue is upsetting. Many celebrities have posted videos of themselves jamming to the trendy new song; Will Smith recorded himself doing the challenge on top of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest while Ciara posted a video of doing the dance with her husband on their honeymoon in South Africa. If these celebrities can go through the trouble to post entertaining videos of themselves doing the dance, why can’t they use the same platform and their popularity to send a message to their viewers to perform the dance safely? With many countries facing serious safety concerns to the point where governments are willing to ban the dance and crack down on those upsetting societal traffic, I believe it is the least celebrities can do with their large follower count. With Instagram being the main mode of communication celebrities have with their fans, it only makes sense that celebrities use this very accessible network to express a simple yet very necessary message. Starting as something as a new hashtag like #DoTheShiggySafely can make all the difference given our current generation’s easy impressionability, especially by online personalities.